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Megan’s Story

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Samsung Techwin

Megan was just 12 years old when diagnosed with a brain tumour. She had been ill for some time with sickness most mornings and falling over a lot. By the time she was diagnosed the cancer had spread to other parts of her brain, making her treatment regime extremely harsh.
The first stage was an operation to relieve the pressure in her brain, and two days later to remove the tumour. The combination of the pressure, and the surgery has left her with facial paralysis, damaged eyesight, ataxia gait, and continuing sickness.
She then went onto a very harsh chemotherapy treatment administered through a ‘Hickman Line’, which made her hair fall out. At this time she also had stem cell harvest to rejuvenate her bone marrow if needed. Following this she had radiotherapy on her brain and spine, twice a day for 4 weeks, and then back onto chemotherapy for approximately one further year, during which she also fell and badly broke her leg because her bones had become weakened from treatment.
The radiotherapy has effected Megans memory, impulsivity and cognitive function, and she also suffers extreme fatigue, so it was a combination of issues and treatments which have left Megan with brain injuries which have had a massive effect on her development, friendships, and indeed day to day living.
Megan is 16 now, and never complains. She was lucky to survive when her illness was so advanced, and We count our blessings every day. She continues to inspire us, and everyone who knows her. She has a good quality of life, and good friends and family to support her.


Submitted by Andrew Newman (Megs Dad) and last picture shows Megan, with Mum (Lydia) and sister Beth. She also has a brother called Alex.


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