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A Disabled Traveller – By Mitch St.Pierre

Disability is something that most travellers don’t think about when they are on the road. So how would you cope getting around, if your ability to move was more limited than others? has teamed up with the film crew from Yearn Outs, who have captured the incredible stories of people who have packed up their life, said goodbye to their home and hit the road indefinitely. They also found out how these adventurers actually do it!

First, we start off with the story of Mitch St. Pierre, a Canadian filmmaker who decided to leave his home country and set up in the decidedly more adventurous surroundings of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Coupled with a disability that sees him with more difficultly getting around than most, Mitch says that the spirit of adventure and travel puts him in great stead to overcome any physical hardships he faces on the road.

Prepare to be inspired!


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