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Apple Watch for Visually Impaired – By Laura Turner

So Apple Inc. said ‘it’s our most personal device yet…’

A great quote for a great piece of technology. I have at the age of 30 been able to buy a watch!! Love that I don’t have to take my phone out just to see the time, I can do it with a flick of the wrist!!

Whilst there are already products on the market designed specifically for and with visually impaired people in mind, in my opinion they just aren’t fashionable enough. Being an Apple Inc. product fan, as soon as I heard about the watch I started to enquire about its accessibility but was confident that Apple wouldn’t release a product and not consider its disabled customers. They have not disappointed!!

The ‘voice-over’ functionality is perfect. It reads everything on the watch face in a clear voice, alternatively you can turn on Siri. Additionally there are other functions designed specifically for other disabilities.

Usually I’d cringe at the thought of everyday technology speaking out loud but everyone loves it because it is Apple!! The watch is light weight and looks great on. Very funky and Fashionable.

I can read texts, take calls, read emails, get directions, keep fit and yes, just tell the time!! Of course it does a lot more.

A highly recommended product to anyone, especially those with a visual impairment. Yes you can buy much cheaper but it’s all about the quality. Some would say you’re only paying for the name ‘Apple’ but I’d slightly disagree, I am paying Apple because they have taken the time and effort to invest into a product that is accessible to all. Even if many of their customers don’t realise that the accessibility options are built into every device!!

Thanks Apple 🍏


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