Boy, six, is left brain damaged and has a paralysed face after being bitten by a TICK which gave him Lyme disease – Daily Mail

A mother is warning parents to be vigilant after her six-year-old son was left brain damaged after being bitten by a tick carrying Lyme disease.

Amy Mitchell was repeatedly told by doctors for months her son Adam just had a viral infection – until tests confirmed he had been bitten by a tick.

However, by then it was too late – the boy had already contracted meningitis along with permanent brain damage and facial paralysis.

Now, he is unable to blink or swallow after the tiny bite and needs additional support as he struggles to process information and has incontinence problems.

Adam, from Inverness, did not suffer any of the symptoms normally associated with a tick bite, and doctors are baffled as to when it happened.

Mrs Mitchell, speaking about her devastating ordeal for the first time, said: ‘This year has been pretty rotten and heartbreaking.

‘We could’ve lost Adam, and that’s the frightening thing.

‘We want to tell his story even if just to warn other mums to keep going back to the doctor if they feel something isn’t quite right.’

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