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Broken Neck C45 Complete! Ron’s Story By Tell My Story TV

Ron, all the way into his 30s, had a happy life; a full time job, a house, a wife and so on. Until one day, at 10:10am on 10/12/1985, it came to a sudden halt.  Driving down the M62 to Manchester near the Huddersfield junction on route to a work meeting with his colleague Albert, a Wagon was strewed across 2 lanes. Despite Ron’s best attempts to avoid the wagon, which included forcing his colleague and passenger Albert to release the steering wheel who grabbed it in shock, the vehicle skid across black ice uncontrollably and hit the back of the artic. Result: broken neck C45 complete, Ron couldn’t feel anything from his chest downwards.

Ron spent over 9 months in hospital in 1986 before being able to return home and face the big wide world again. His hospital days were surprisingly quite enjoyable as he knew he had the sufficient level of attention and care at all times; he had a good laugh.

But, it wasn’t until Ron returned home when it really sunk in. He realised how institutionalized he became being in hospital. Ron didn’t sleep for the initial weeks even though he was in his own home as he was too frightened to go to sleep. He was frightened and scared that there’s no one there to shout for help to except his carer. It was also the unknown of what to expect being let loose in the big world but this time in a wheelchair. He panicked!

Ron had to adapt to his new lifestyle that was instantly severely affected. It was unbelievable for Ron to notice how many people walked passed him rather than speak to him now he was in a wheelchair. And as a social Geordie, that’s something he wasn’t used to. If that wasn’t enough, part of the terms his wife set upon returning home was that he had to sleep downstairs and his wife slept upstairs severing his whole physical relationship with her. Ron believed his wife’s perception was that nothing physical works any longer and they can’t have a full relationship because he was disabled which Ron felt was most unfair.

Ron has had to take all these challenges and rise above them. He is no longer with his wife and has had new partners since who have been much more sensitive and normal to his disability. Ron is still very active with work in the volunteering sector with many significant charities such as ‘The Sequal Trust’ for which he is a trustee. Regardless of any of the challenges Ron has had, he has enjoyed his life tremendously and can accept his disability. He has told his remarkable story to hopefully offer a new perspective for you. And he sincerely finishes his story off with stating “Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient, not a patient, but be patient. And never let life* grind you down.”

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Ron’s Story: Tellmystorytv

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