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Living with fibromyalgia is hell, but fortunately, medical weed can help. As […]

As anyone who lives with fibromyalgia will attest, there are many misconceptions […]

There is no evidence to suggest that fibromyalgia is passed down from […]

The ancient Chinese therapy of cupping is championed by professional sports stars […]

The majority of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia are women, meaning it can […]

Managing a chronic illness can be difficult. There are many different medications […]

I’ve received several comments about my column from people newly diagnosed with […]

Many people living with fibromyalgia are turning to complementary therapies to help […]

Rats with a fibromyalgia-like disease showed improvements in spontaneous motor activity and […]

According to, there are more than five million people in the […]

No, I didn’t prick my finger on a spinning wheel like Sleeping […]

When Orletta Kernaghan was diagnosed with fibromyalgia more than 30 years ago, […]

Having a service dog can greatly enhance the life of someone living […]

JOHN Stammers from Stanford-le-Hope will cycle in the Thurrock Cycle Marathon on […]

I have had a confirmed case of Fibromyalgia for 20 years. I […]

MEMBERS of Fibromyalgia Somerset and Invisible Me Wellbeing and Support hosted an […]

One of the most frustrating symptoms of living with a chronic illness […]

Sleep deprivation is common in fibromyalgia and it doesn’t just cause fatigue. […]

As a mom, I know that a fair amount of guilt occurs […]

“My pain is invisible, so is the pain you inflict when you […]

This information comes from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and […]

Many fibromyalgia sufferers complain of nerve pain, also known as neuropathy. If […]

Using cannabis or marijuana for medicinal purposes is a hot topic right […]

So far as pain disorders go, fibromyalgia (FM) ranks right up there […]

Patients with the inflammatory disease axial spondyloarthritis, affecting the spine, often are […]

As the body ages, aches and pains might become more difficult for […]

While there may have been a traumatic event that triggered your fibromyalgia, […]

You probably have heard about the link between fibromyalgia and depression. Why […]

Does this scenario sound familiar? You have run out of medication and […]

Melissa Swanson interviews Norman Hanley, founder of “Men With Fibromyalgia.” In Part […]

It’s so important that celebrities with fibromyalgia come forward to help enlighten […]

I’ve heard a lot of positive things about essential oils, but never […]

Essential oils are growing in popularity, and many fibromyalgia patients are trying […]

A meeting to raise awareness of a long-term condition, which causes muscle […]

There is nothing as frustrating as a doctor not taking your fibromyalgia […]

Initial clinical testing of a cannabinoid-based treatment for fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathic […]

A Chesterfield woman who suffers from a crippling illness is campaigning to […]

Chronic pain is not only physically taxing, but it takes a toll […]