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Limb Loss

Northeast Passage, UNH sled hockey team wins title – Foster’s Daily Democrat

Pads slamming against the boards circling the rink, pucks flying through the air and players sliding across…


Star Woman: Crystal Chigbu Is Restoring Hope To Child Amputees – Nigerian Entertainment Today

In commemoration of the International Women’s Month, 234Star just debuted a new show, Star Woman, where host,…


From stealing genes to regrowing limbs, how life finds a way to survive and thrive – Science Magazine

Nature has a lot to teach us. As part of our special package, we explored how animals,…


Community groups to share £1.1 million lottery funding – Herald Scotland

More than 150 community groups across Scotland are sharing £1.1million of lottery funding. National Lottery Awards for All…


Amputees And Their Devotees Now Have a Safe place to Connect Online At – Digital Journal

Even though there are around 2 million people living with limb loss in the United States today,…


Veteran blinded in Iraq appeals for missing glass eye collection – Optometry Today

A veteran blinded in Iraq is calling for public help to find a brown container of 16…


Model loses her second leg after ‘flu’ turned out to be toxic shock syndrome – The Sun

A MODEL has lost her left leg to toxic shock syndrome caused by a tampon – five…


Self-Healing Robot Muscles May Revolutionize Prosthetic Limbs For Amputees – Tech Times

Figures from the Amputee Coalition show that there are nearly 2 million people in the United States who live with limb loss. About 185,000…


Emily Harvey is a disability-rights lawyer, a nonprofit founder — and a top paratriathlete – ESPN

As a child, Emily Harvey played soccer, T-ball and volleyball, rode horses and bikes and climbed trees. She was always outside, always in…


Former Cheerleader Who Lost Both Legs Learns to Run Again – Inside Edition

A former cheerleader who lost both of her legs is now learning to run with prosthetic limbs. Nicole Grehn, 27, nearly died when she…

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