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The modern fight against post-polio syndrome ramps up as sufferers fight misdiagnosis and rising costs – ABC Online

On a warm summer’s day when it seems the whole world is enjoying the outdoors, Rose Collins…


Japan, UNICEF lauded for fight against polio in Far North –

The Japanese Government and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, UNICEF, have been lauded for providing…


Doctors Think They Have Nabbed Culprit Behind Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Paralysing Kids – Gizmodo Australia

Since 2014, doctors have been stymied by a medical mystery: People, mostly children, were coming down with…


No-one catches polio in the UK any more but the disease continues to damage lives – Huddersfield Examiner

Polio was once a much-feared disease that caused paralysis and disability. While it’s now been eradicated in…


Why polio survivors say they’ve been ‘abandoned’ by the charity it says used to support them –

THE CHARITY REHAB has said that losing a crucial funding stream in 2015 is the reason why…


‘Life saving’ Iron Lung to go on display in Thornbury – South Cotswolds Gazette

AN IRON lung, the century-old machine that enables a person to breathe normally when muscle control is…


Polio survivors claim Rehab has reneged on funding promise –

A group of polio survivors protested outside the headquarters of the disability organisation Rehab in Dublin in…


British Polio Fellowship offers support to polio and post-polio syndrome sufferers in Worcestershire – Worcester News

RESIDENTS of Worcestershire who have been affected by polio or post-polio syndrome (PPS) are being encouraged to…


Mother and daughter shot dead while immunising children from polio in Pakistan – The Guardian

Gunmen have shot and killed a mother and her daughter who were immunising children against polio in…


Virus shown to be likely cause of mystery polio-like illness – UNSW Media

A major review by UNSW medical researchers has identified strong evidence that a virus called Enterovirus D68…

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