New chief executive of Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind throws down gauntlet to Norwich city planners – Norfolk Eastern Daily Press

Gina Dormer started in her role in August and has now “thrown down a gauntlet” for council officers.

“Walk in someone’s shoes with a visual impairment and see how it feels,” she said. “It is such a powerful thing. It might not cause a revolution but it shows you are willing.”

It comes as the NNAB says it is “disappointed” after contributing to successive council consultations, only to have no impact on the result.

“We have a challenge on our hands in regard to shared space,” said Ms Dormer. “We do participate very actively in consultations the council runs and they do seek our views on pedestrianised areas and shared space. One of the frustrating things is the feedback we give isn’t incorporated into what happens.

“I have expressed our views in very strong terms and while we appreciate these changes are happening we are really disappointed. It is good we are involved in consultation but we need to be more than a box being ticked. When we come forward with rational and logical reasons we would like to feel they are being taken on board.”

With more than 250 volunteers, the NNAB has a vast network of support available for the upwards of 30,000 people living in Norfolk with the blind and visually impaired.

The charity currently supports around 7,000 people, but estimate another 15,000 in the county may need their help.

That support could include community worker support, referrals at eye clinics, or leisure activities.

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