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PRISM Arts makes a difference. That’s probably why so many people donated to a Crowdfunding campaign to enable Prism’s theatre company to take their latest production on tour.

The appeal burst through its target and raised £7,380 to take Shadow Tales out on the road.

After a sold-out opening night at Rosehill Theatre, in Whitehaven, last week, the show now goes on to Carlisle, Keswick and Kendal.

It’s the 30th anniversary of charity Prism Arts, where adults with learning disabilities and professional actors, animators, musicians, directors and artists work in partnership.

Prism believes that the arts are for everyone and creates projects which are accessible to all.

The theatre company puts on a new production each year. Prism Arts communications manager Kat Prior says: “Each production takes us a year to create. As soon as our last production, Tales of a Long Conflict, was finished touring last December, we started work on Shadow Tales.

“Studio Theatre creates the productions in their entirety, from the very first ideas to research, to the storyboards, the script, creating the set, puppets and costumes.

“Everything right up to the final performance has been created by us. It is a collaborative effort which is led by our learning disabled participants and facilitated by our team of artists and theatre practitioners.”

And it got off to a great start. “The performance at Rosehill Theatre was fantastic, we had a sold-out audience. There were comments afterwards that the show is thought-provoking and interesting but done with great humour.

“Rosehill is beautiful theatre, we were very pleased to perform there. It has such a traditional feel to it, but with all the modern facilities. It has a great atmosphere which really added to the feeling of anticipation and excitement for the show.

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