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Disabled Travel To Cambodia & Thailand – Part 4 – By Grant Logan

New Years Eve

After spending the day visiting Angkor Wat and being blown away by the temples and scenery, it was now the evening of NYE so time to go out and party. We arranged to meet Mitch and Nika at around 9pm so Damo and I arrived in the town around 8.30 to grab a drink before hand and we bumped in to a local Cambodian man using a hand cycle. We both saw each other at the same time so we had to say hello to each other. It’s amazing to see that even with all the poverty and lack of resources, this man could get around and live his life.

Grant Logan & Cambodian handcycle man Disabled handcyclist in Cambodia


So we met up with Mitch and Nika at 9pm and Nika had brought along a couple of friends to join us. We started off having dinner and margaritas at a quiet restaurant and then headed to Same Same Bar. What a place, it’s run by Jayden who’s a really cool guy from Australia, and the place was buzzing. More margarita and a round of tequilas for 12pm.

Grant logan & friends NYE2              Grant Logan and friends NYE Cambodia


It’s a real random bunch of people that come and go from the bar, travellers, locals and few that had definitely been on something other than beer! I really hit it off with Nika’s friend Summa but she didn’t speak great English so was difficult to talk with her properly. Around 2am Sumna was obviously getting tired so I called Tyto our driver and I took her home, I left my chair at the bar as it was just a 5 minute trip to where Sumna lived. She is a hairdresser and lives in the salon with 6 other girls. I was quite surprised to hear that they sleep on the floor in the salon on mattresses and then pack them away in the mornings to start work, what a different world to the one I am used to. So I dropped Sumna off and then headed straight back to the bar to carry on. I think we left the bar around 7.30am but it’s all a bit of a blur now. New Year’s Day was definitely going to be a write off!!!

2nd Jan

Every year Mitch and Nika buy presents for the children in a rural village and go to hand them out so they invited us to go with them. Damo was not feeling great so he didn’t come but Sumna came along with us for the afternoon. We handed out the presents to some very happy kids and also things like toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap to the adults, they were so grateful and we got such a warm response which was amazing. These rural villages really are something that I have never experienced before and am grateful to have had the opportunity.  It really is eye opening to see how they live and support themselves, their families and each other and makes me realise how fortunate I am.

Grant Logan and Mitch St Pierre giving presents to village children


Tomorrow we will be leaving Siem Reap and Cambodia and heading back to Thailand.  I really am going to miss this place!


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