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The holidays are upon us again, and that means parties, decorating, family — and gifts. As you make your list this year, you might be shopping for someone who has cerebral palsy. You might wonder what to give and what would be helpful. I’ve compiled a list of ideas that I hope someone would like or find of interest.

Alexa or Google Home: Someone who has a very bad speech impediment or who is difficult to understand might find these devices frustrating. I have a speech impediment, and Alexa doesn’t work perfectly; however, it does understand a lot of what I say. I can control most lights, television, music and even lock and unlock my doors by using Alexa. Every day new actions are available for Alexa to do.

Kindle and accessories: The Kindle is still on my list. They are excellent gifts for someone who has a disability. I can read with so much ease and comfort. I especially like my case that will turn my Kindle on, just by me opening the case. There are various editions of Kindle, too, so you can choose among them.

LifeProof case: The LifeProof cellphone case is very good for someone who has cerebral palsy. I use it on my iPhone, and I am happy I made the choice. The LifeProof case protects my phone if it drops from my lap, which it does often. The case is also waterproof, which is so good for someone who might drool or get a phone wet in the rain or some other way.

Gooseneck holder: If you know someone already has an iPad or tablet, consider getting him or her a gooseneck holder. The user can clip the holder on a table, bed frame, counter, wheelchair — just about anywhere. These holders can hold the tablets still while you use the devices hands-free.

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