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Utah boy with cerebral palsy is wheeled around skate park – Daily Mail

A brave little boy has taken to the slopes of a skateboard park thanks to his father who took the time to push him up and down the ramps at a newly opened complex near his home in Utah.

Callen Van Hise, who is five and has cerebral palsy, is seen zooming around the skate park near his home.

With a little help from his father, Philip, the boy appeared to have the time of his life and looked to be grinning from ear-to-ear.

Callen Van Hise, 5, who has cerebral palsy, became a skater when his father, Philip, pushed him up and down ramps at a Utah skate park

Caleen was pushed around the skate part by his dad Philip in a 30-second-long video

As his dad, Phil, pushed him up and down the ramp, Callen held his hands up in excitement

The youngster is able to enjoy a sense of freedom as he rolls around the gentle slopes

His dad pushes him up and down a ramp, then up another and back down again.

Callen held his hands in the air feeling the wind rush through his fingers and he picked up speed down the hill.

The boy has a neurological disorder that limits muscle strength and coordination, which is why he cannot walk alone.

‘Our son was born 16 weeks early and we were told he had a very slim chance at survival and that if he did live, his disabilities would likely be numerous and life limiting,’ said dad, Philip.

‘In that moment we decided that regardless of any disability, we would make sure our son was given every opportunity to do anything and everything he could dream of, even if that meant doing it a little different.

The dad and his son are seen having fun as they whisk around the skate park

Callen’s dad continued to push him up and down the ramps several times

‘We started with running through our parking lot, pushing his wheelchair over the speedbumps. It is his favorite before school activity.

‘Our local skate park opened in October but weather prevented us from trying it until now. We are now asked every day to go skateboard.’

Being able to wheel Callen around the skate park gives him a level of freedom enjoyed by other able-bodied boys and an opportunity to do things other kids do, instead of having him sit on the sidelines and watch.

The inspiring video of the boy and his dad has generated tens of views within just a few days

When the pair were at the newly skate park they had the entire complex all to themselves

Source: Utah boy with cerebral palsy is wheeled around skate park – Daily Mail


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