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VIDEO: Dundee woman’s documentary helps with depression – Evening Telegraph

A Dundee-born film-maker’s mental health documentary has been hailed after the project was said to have helped participants with their depression.

Alison Davie, 49, who lives in New Zealand, helped produce Crazy Happy, which involved filming a group of people for 100 days.

Each day participants were asked to take one photo of something that made them happy and explain the reasons behind it.

Alison Davie

The team behind the project have now been invited to take part in film festivals around the world. Alison said: “The idea originally came from my friend Denise Caltaux, who coordinated the project.

“She had struggled with mental health problems since she was 10, so I challenged her to find something to make her happy.

“She found the Happiness Project, which has become a movement around the world to help people identify what makes them happy.

“She decided to do a similar project herself and a few other friends who also struggled with mental health joined in.

“In the end we had around 20 people doing it. As time went on the participants began to feel better.

“That’s when we realised we were on to something good, that this could be a nice documentary.”

Source: VIDEO: Dundee woman’s documentary helps with depression – Evening Telegraph